Who is
Stefan Kokovic?

Stefan Kokovic is an award-winning visual artist, fashion photographer, and graphic designer. He is our dearest CEO and the creative mind behind this pleasingly strange fantasy world (which might just be the inside of his mind), someone who showcased his work through countless exhibitions and with a portfolio as big as his appetite.

In early 2020 (the middle of the COVID pandemic – you all remember that one?), Kokovic founded Milkink Creative Studio. Ridiculously ambitious as always, he started expanding his creative work through Austria and the region. Milkink Creative Studio now counts several creative minds who constantly work on our projects. 

Stefan Kokovic

And this is how the story of Milkink begins...

Creating unique experiences and strong visual design is the best approach to crafting meaningful ideas that will send a strong and appealing message to audiences. Milkink Creative Studio really tends to jump out of its comfort zone. We don’t think small, and we are guided by our imagination. This is how we grow.

We are not just a creative studio – people know us as a design studio, a web-design agency, a production house, and influential content creators. We like to say that we are young people with old souls – old enough to understand every given task seriously.

And this is what our visual identity also looks like. It’s kind of magical, classical art with a touch of new – young; that is why we use sans serif font for example. Nothing is accidental here, trust us…it was a process of creating the visuals that will represent what we do the best.

We won a few
awards & features.

It's not like we are bragging.

We are totally cool about it. Like, who cares!

Just forget about it!

Ok, here's the precise list of our precious awards & features:

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